Friday, 4 February 2011

Life in the freezer!

Yep, currently it’s like we’re living in a freezer. For the past few days Southern Arizona has been on the edge of a winter storm 2,000 miles long. That’s the size of the nasty storm that’s swept across the US this week covering areas with blizzards, dumping feet of snow, bringing ice storms, power outages, blocking interstates leaving motorists stranded for hours in snowdrifts, causing roofs to collapse and leading to thousands of flights being cancelled. Down on the south eastern edge of the storm there were even severe thunderstorms and tornadoes reported where the frigid cold air from Canada met the warm air from the Gulf of Mexico. It was a real nasty mess.

Here in Southern Arizona, we’ve missed the worst of it, but there have been record cold temperatures and I mean cold! This morning it was 8F with the added wind chill factor it was about -6F that’s cold, very cold! The local news was full of school closures, broken water pipes, power outages and diesel in school buses turning to slush, oh joy! Needless to say instead of sunbathing and swimming today, we topped of one of our propane tanks as right now it’s our furnace that’s getting a real good workout not the aircon!

Much to my Mum’s amusement it is currently much colder here than it is at home, but although tonight is forecast to be equally as cold, tomorrow it will start warming up again and we should be back in shorts and tshirts by the end of the weekend. Hurray!

This morning we listened to a very interesting talk on the ancient peoples of the area by Dr Eric Kaldahl the Curator of the Amerind Foundation, we’ve now added a visit to Mammoth Springs historical site to our list of places to visit while we’re here. The Amerind Foundation is a fascinating place which we’ve visited a couple of times.

Right now, we’re watching the sun go down over the Dragoon mountains and although it hasn’t got above 28F today, you can feel the temperature dropping like a stone as the sun disappears below the horizon.

No photographs today as it was too cold for my little fingers to hold the camera!

Have fun, we are!

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