Thursday, 13 September 2012

Parades & Rodeos

We were in Williams over the Labour Day weekend so we enjoyed watching the Labour Day Parade.   The parade was led by Veterans
and the Grand Marshall
Some of the other participants in the parade, this little organ was really cute and cheerful 
Buckskin clad Bill Williams Mountain Men
It was only a small parade and didn’t last long but we really enjoyed watching it.  From there we headed off for coffee and then walked over to the rodeo grounds just in time to eat before the rodeo started.
As with all rodeos the US Flag and the State Flag were ridden round the arena and everyone stood for the national anthem.

Some of the action we enjoyed during the afternoon, ouch!

Display riding
Barrel racing
Bull Riding
Ladies steer riding, we’d never seen this before and I really don’t think it’s something I’m ever likely to try!

As we walked back afterwards a monsoon storm rolled in and we just made it back before the first raindrops fell, how lucky was that?

Have fun, we are!

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