Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Return to Dog Town Lake

When our trusty Williams guidebook took us on our first hike around Dog Town Lake a couple of years ago the water lapped close to the edge of the forest.  

On this trip the water level was probably 100ft lower, that’s an awful lot less water!


Back then when we reached Dog Town Wash, we had to backtrack into the forest for about ¼ mile as the only way to cross would’ve been to swim.  This time the only way we realised we’d arrived at the wash was a pool of water and a barely visible trickle of water leading down into the lake.

Dog Town Wash 2010

Dog Town Wash 2012
As for the head of the lake, well back then, we met  a couple who had their boat on the shore just below the tree line and were fishing, then when we got to the head of the lake we had to find a way across very boggy ground.   This time the head of the lake was well below Dog Town Wash.

Don't think you'd catch many fish there now.
Back then our hike was about 2½ - 3 miles, this time it was closer to the 1.8 miles mentioned in the guide book.   On our first hike although it was monsoon season we never saw a cloud, this time we just made it back to the truck as the thunder rolled and the lightening split the sky.

What a difference a couple of years makes.

Have fun, we are!

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