Sunday, 18 October 2015

Condors over the Grand Canyon

We took a couple of hikes along the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and each time we came to halt just inside the park entrance as everyone stopped to look at this guy.
He was quite happily munching away and totally ignoring all the camera toting tourists.
The Grand Canyon is so beautiful we never tire of seeing it.

Bright Angel Trail as it winds its way down to Indian Gardens.

Such beautiful views.

On this hike, we were lucky enough to see some of the condors.
While they’re amazing creatures, I think they’re actually pretty ugly, but, you know on this particular day, I’m sure they were posing for the tourists.    Number 80 sat on this rock for absolutely ages.

He finally decided he’d stayed around long enough

and off he went, soaring majestically over the canyon.

One last spectacular view, Indian Gardens and Plateau Point.

Have fun, we are!