Monday, 6 September 2010

20 August, 2010 Terror in the skies!

Okay, so maybe 50ft isn’t particularly high, but it feels like it when you’re dangling from a wire as you slowly travel over the tops of the pine trees 2,000ft to the top of Mount Agassiz in Arizona Snowbowl.

The 6,450 ft scenic skyride (ski lift) travels 2,000ft to the summit of Mount Agassiz at 11,500ft this is the home of black diamond ski runs where the only way down is vertical!

There are some fabulous views from the summit

the high ridge on the horizon of the photograph below is the north rim of the Grand Canyon.

During the summer the skyride takes 25 minutes to travel to the summit, in the winter it goes twice as fast.

It was a little scary getting back on, especially as there was a sheer drop within a few feet!

The views on the return journey were amazing, but guess what I didn’t take any photographs I was too busy hanging on for dear life!

We had a great day but, I think I prefer the nice fully enclosed gondola in Telluride!

Have fun, we are!

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