Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Bridgnorth, Shropshire

On a clear frosty day we decided to take a trip to Bridgnorth on the banks of the River Severn.

Bridgnorth is an ancient town dating back to at least 912 AD (and probably much earlier) when the first fortress or ‘burgh’ was built by Aethelflaed, (I have no idea how that is pronounced) daughter of King Arthur to guard against attacks by the Danes.   The town was granted its first Royal Charter in 1155 by Henry II.

During the English Civil War, the High Town area of the town was partially burned by Royalists and in 1647 after the fall of the town the castle and town walls were destroyed on the orders of Parliament.

Sadly, for us, we picked a Saturday for our trip, next time we’ll be sure and visit on a weekday as the town was absolutely packed, car parks, coffee shops and pubs were full to overflowing.

Bridgnorth town centre.

A road enters the town through this narrow arch I can’t imagine any buses manage to come that way though.

We thought we were hearing things when we heard the sounds of the pipes; just hope he was well wrapped up for the cold.

Beaman & Sons, butchers, in the town centre were established in 1890 and are still doing a roaring trade today, we bought some homemade sausages they were very nice

We finished our day in Bridgnorth by heading for the Railwaymans Arms at the terminus of the Severn Valley Railway on Bridgnorth Station, sadly, for us, even that was full, so we saved it for another day and came home.

Despite the town being so busy our day in Bridgnorth was great and we’ll be back in the summer, only not on a Saturday!

Have fun, we are!

Sunday, 1 January 2012


Wishing you a truly magical and amazing 2012

We were sent this link to Amazing Grace sung by the Four Tenors in the Coliseum, we enjoyed it and would like to share it with you.

Have fun, we are!