Monday, 31 January 2011

Back on our travels

We flew back to the US last week, thankfully arriving in Newark the day before another big winter storm swept up the East Coast and dumped yet more snow closing the airports once more.

Our trip was uneventful and thanks to a complimentary upgrade from Continental we travelled business first from Newark to Houston, fabulous, we could definitely get used to travelling like that!

Some kind friends collected us from Tucson airport and put us up overnight, the next day we set up the Cougar and headed off to the shops for important things like food and margaritas! Since then things have been kinda hectic, we went to the dance at the weekend. Saturday, we visited the first day of the gem and mineral show, so much to look at that after a few hours we were all gemmed out. Tonight we’re off to a bluegrass concert in the auditorium, which should be fun.

The weather has been fabulous, blue skies, sunshine and mid 70’s just right, but today has seen a change, there is a storm passing through to the north of us sending arctic winds in our direction. Brrr, not looking forward to this especially as tomorrow we’re heading back to Tombstone Territories RV Park, which is a couple of thousand feet higher than Tucson and therefore correspondingly colder! Ouch! Thankfully by the weekend the temperature should be warming up again.

That’s all for now, am off to buy a lottery ticket!

Have fun, we are!

Monday, 17 January 2011

On this day in January 2011.............

Not a lot happened!

Since we came home we’ve been busy catching up with family and friends, shovelling snow and searching for warm jumpers, gloves, hats, woolly socks and hot water bottles to help cope with the sub-zero temperatures over Christmas and the New Year.

Thankfully, the snow and cold have now disappeared and we’ve been left with milder, damp, rainy, grey days, I don’t know which is worse.

Naturally there is only so much house work or shopping a person can or even wants to do, so some afternoons have been spent either saving the world from certain catastrophe between the covers of an adventure novel or in pursuit of law and order helping Jessica Fletcher, Miss Marple, Hercule Poirot and Inspector Barnaby figure out just ‘who dunnit’! Ah life can be tough!

Oops, must go the fire is lit, the hot chocolate made and Columbo is just about to start!

Have fun, we are!