Sunday, 4 September 2011

Island in the Sky

Island in the Sky is where the Green joins the Colorado River before continuing on through the Grand Canyon.  The rivers and canyons were uncharted until 1869 when Major John Wesley Powell set off with 4 wooden boats and nine oarsmen on a journey of exploration.   River runners still travel the river but use rubber boats instead of wooden ones.

Green River overlook.

The White Rim jeep road winds for miles, ordinarily it takes several days to complete the drive although at present part of the road has been washed out and is impassable.

The Potash Road reaches the junction with the White Rim Road before climbing up the Schafer Switchbacks.

Two different views of the switchbacks.

I’m not sure about the White Rim Road, but I think we’ll have to come back in the future and take the Potash Road

Have fun, we are!

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