Thursday, 8 March 2012

Return to San Xavier Del Bac

It’s a couple of years since we last visited San Xavier Del Bac and it’s the first time I think we’ve ever seen it without any scaffolding.

It is a truly beautiful place.

Each time we visit we find out different interesting facts, for instance during major repairs started by Bishop Granjon in 1905 what is now a plaza area (below) was actually designed by the forward looking Bishop to be a parking lot for up to 12 cars.

The plaza in front of the mission was meant to be in the centre of town, but the city of Tucson was built further north.

High up in the decorative stonework

on the left side of the entrance is a cat

On the right hand side is a mouse

The story goes that if the cat ever gets the mouse then the mission will fall.

We had another great visit to San Xavier and enjoyed some delicious Indian Frybread before we left.

Have fun, we are!

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