Saturday, 9 February 2013

Hanauma Bay Marine Preserve

Simply gorgeous!
It’s not far from Waikiki to Hanauma Bay but it took us longer to drive there than we thought, when we left the hotel after breakfast our concierge told us we’d be lucky to find parking.   I guess we were lucky that day as there was plenty of parking when we arrived.

After paying our entrance fee we watched the obligatory film about the marine preserve, basically, no touching the reef or the fish, take nothing and absolutely no litter.   Once you’ve watched the film you can sign the register and then you don’t have to watch it again for another 12 months.

There is a paved road down to the beach, you can either walk or take the tram we decided to take the tram.

It’s a very popular spot, you can hire snorkel equipment, take snorkel and dive lessons.   There’s a spot called the Witch’s Brew and serious divers can head out through a slot in the reef into the deep waters of the bay from there they can see coral gardens, turtles and sometimes even sharks.  

DB doesn’t swim and I’m not a strong swimmer so I just enjoyed myself floating about inside the reef enjoying the water.

We had a fabulous day and just didn’t want to leave. 

This was our first trip to Oahu and the Hawaiian Islands, so what did we think, would we go again?   Absolutely! 

Even though we saw a lot of Oahu there’s lots more to see, we’d love to go back, but on our next trip to the Islands maybe we’ll head for the Big Island.  

Have fun, we are!

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