Sunday, 18 October 2015

Little Colorado River Gorge & Cameron Trading Post

On a trip to Cameron Trading Post, we passed the Little Colorado River Gorge, and as it’s a while since we’ve been we decided to walk out to the rim.
It was very hot, (I am still catching up as this was way back in June this year) but it’s not a long walk, maybe a ¼ mile, if that.
From the parking area, the trail is easy and wide, but if you’re not happy around sheer drops, it’s probably best to stay well away from the edge.
I have a book (it’s at home in my bookcase and I momentarily forget its name) written by two people who hiked the Little Colorado River Gorge.
While we both enjoyed reading the book,

as we looked down into the depths of the gorge, we decided it was way more hiking than we wanted to attempt.

Cameron Trading Post was established in 1916 and the original building sits next to the one in use today.

They have a great restaurant and last time we ate there we enjoyed some delicious Navajo frybread.   Unfortunately neither of us were hungry enough to think about tackling even the mini frybread, maybe next time.    

The old bridge across the Little Colorado river, this is where the guys in the book started their hike.

Have fun, we are!

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