Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Mancos, Colorado, I think?

At the Mancos Renaissance Fair we entered a different world as Knights Templar put their gorgeous heavy horses through incredibly fast manoeuvres.

Knights and their Ladies strolled in the afternoon sunshine. 

We weren't going to argue with these guys! 

This Knight was certainly put through his paces by the little guy.

Watched a fun production of Shakespeare that I’m not sure the Bard would’ve recognised, but then again……..

From a distance, the mud show was fun, thank goodness for telephoto lenses!   The watching kids on the front row were wondering how they could join in.

We were transported to Hawaii as hula girls gave a great show, inviting everyone to join them at the end, a temptation we managed to resist, as we didn’t want to frighten the horses!

Mounted Colorado Rangers kept a watchful eye on the whole afternoon.

We drank fresh lemonade, ate homemade mincemeat and apple pie from the library stall, checked out the rest of the stalls, then emerged blinking back into the sunshine of a present day Colorado afternoon.

Have fun, we are!

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