Sunday, 16 October 2011

Cortez to Holbrook to Williams

It was a gloriously warm, sunny day when we left Cortez heading for our overnight stop in Holbrook.  Our route took us straight across the Navajo Nation, through Shiprock and onto Gallup where we joined I40.   We took this road last year and as the frontage road exit is right beside the I40 exit we had our usual ‘are you sure this is the right road?’ conversation, thankfully it was. Luckily there were no high winds along the way as while the views along this route are expansive and the skies fabulous so are the winds when they blow.

We rolled into the KOA at Holbrook  in the early afternoon where we received a warm welcome from the owners who remembered us from our stays with them last year.   This particular KOA has a lovely outdoor pool so after a nice cool swim we headed off to Joe & Aggies Café on Route 66 for dinner where I tried a deep fried apple burrito which was absolutely delicious not to mention huge, as I didn’t take my camera there are no photographs to show you just how scrumptious it was.  

The plan for the evening had been to sit outside and watch the sunset, but the sky turned black and the wind blew as a huge thunderstorm rolled in, so that put paid to that.  Even though the storm raged around us for a while very little rain actually fell in Holbrook.

After enjoying the cowboy breakfast next morning we headed off to Williams for a few days.

Have fun, we are!

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