Saturday, 18 March 2017

Return to Oatman, AZ

Oatman was founded in 1906 and by 1931 the mines around Oatman had produced over 1.8 millions ounces of gold, the boom was over by the mid 1930’s.
Classed as non-essential to the war effort the last few mines closed in 1942. 

It’s a few years since we last visited Oatman, after finding a parking spot on Old Route 66 we strolled into town.  

The burros were out in force.   In Oatman the burros rule and traffic waits for them.   They came to town with the first prospectors and were used both in and out of the mines.  

As the mines closed the burros were released into the hills and now their descendents roam the streets of Oatman looking for handouts from the tourists.   Feeding the baby burros can kill them, so they all have stickers on their foreheads.

Hollywood movie stars Carole Lombard and Clark Gable spent their Honeymoon in the Oatman Hotel.   These days it’s no longer a hotel, but does have a restaurant and museum.

Oatman’s always busy and the day we visited was no exception.   We had a fun time, enjoyed a scrumptious ice-cream along with some people and burro watching. 

Have fun, we are!

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