Tuesday, 23 February 2010

We're on the road

It’s been a while since I posted, but you have no idea how busy you get being retired, how we ever found time to go to work is mystifying.

After lots of expected hanging around, we’re finally on the road, we have our Big Black Texas Truck, BT for short, and our Cougar fifth wheel, so meet BT and the Cougar.

As you can see the truck is huge and being somewhat vertically challenged I really need those running boards, especially as Mike has said that one day he may even let me drive it on the road he just didn’t say which year that would be!

The fifth wheel is lovely and we are very pleased with it and the service we got from Tony and the team at Genuine RV Stores in Nacogdoches
www.genuinerv.com but, as with most things it’s not built for small people so I now have a small step and I can almost reach some of the high cupboards.

We’re currently at the Rainbows End, Escapees park in Livingston, Texas where plan to stay for the next couple of weeks while we familiarise ourselves with both BT and the Cougar.

Barely a day goes by without a trip to Walmart for one of those little things you always have at home, but as home is about 6,000 miles away we can’t just pop back for something. I wonder if Walmart give frequent flyer miles?

After we leave here the plan is to head to Big Bend National Park via Bandera the Cowboy Capital of the World, well at least that is the plan today who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Have fun, we are!

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