Monday, 25 October 2010

10 October - Slight Change of Plans

When we came home in September we left our fifth wheel on site at Beaudrys RV Resort all ready for our return. Quite by chance we found out via Beaudrys website that the retail divison had closed but the service department and resort were to remain open. That was good. I googled to see what, if anything else I could find.

There was nothing definite but all the sites I found said that the resort was also due to close on 11 October and they had requested all rv’s be removed by 10 October. Naturally I found all this out on 10 October I called the resort it went straight to voicemail, PANIC! Of course it was Sunday, but even allowing for the time difference there should have been an answer.

First thing Monday morning we changed our return flights as we felt that we needed to return as soon as possible find out what exactly was going on and if necessary rescue our fifth wheel.

Late Monday afternoon (UK time) I got through to the resort and yes the resort was closing that day. I asked what about our fifth wheel that was stored on site and explained that the earliest we could get there was 19 October. We were given a name and number to ring when we arrived and were assured that someone would answer the phone and give us access to the resort so we could remove the Cougar,

Needless to say I spent the next week on tenterhooks wondering just what was going to happen when we arrived. I called on Friday afternoon, to reconfirm that we’d be there on 19 October and was so relieved when the call was answered especially when he confirmed we were expected. Huge sigh of relief!

On our way to the resort we called the number and the guy told us he’d had to go to Chandler and couldn’t meet us until early afternoon. Oh, Oh we thought is this the start of the run around? Thankfully it wasn’t we returned to the resort just after lunch and were admitted so we were able to hitch up and leave.

We found the closure notification dated 8 October, asking us to leave by 11 October taped to the door. Er, we were 6,000 miles away, they had all our contact details at home in the UK so why didn’t they call or email us? After all it’s not like we pop over on a weekend to check everything is OK.

While we were hitching up we counted at least 4 or 5 other rv’s still there whose owners obviously don’t know what’s happened, not to mention the 3 or 4 in the secure storage area.

What I don’t know is what would’ve happened if we hadn’t just happened to find out and had arrived at the resort knowing nothing fully expecting to get in and stay there? How long would it have taken us to get Cougar back then?

Apparently they hope to open the resort again, but have no idea if or when it’s going to happen It’s a nice resort in the middle of town and yes I’d stay there again, but I don’t think I’d store anything there again.

Once we’d hitched up we headed off to our favourite place, Tombstone Territories RV Resort while we figured out our travel plans.

We definitely weren’t having fun that week, but guess what, we are now!

Have fun, we are!

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