Friday, 24 December 2010

The Presidio Trail - Part 2

A few days later we continued our explorations following the turquoise line on the Presidio Trail. Once again we parked on the convention centre parking lot.

Although it’s not the cheapest place to park we don’t have to worry about parking meters running out or if the truck will actually fit in a multi storey parking lot!

There are some particularly nice plazas around the convention centre with some lovely water features.

I thought of dangling my toes in here, but my legs just weren’t long enough!

This time we visited Armory Park. Armory Park is the site of the original Camp Lowell which was established in 1866 to protect Tucson, in 1873 the camp was moved out of town to protect the townsfolk from the rowdy soldiers!

The Tucson Children’s Museum was just across the road, but as we were feeling particularly grown up that day we didn’t go in.

This hotel has obviously seen better times, although who knows maybe at one time it was one of ‘the’ places to stay in downtown Tucson.
We found the famous Hotel Congress where the gangster John Dillinger was captured in the 1930’s. A fire broke out when they were using the hotel as a hideout, one of the fireman became suspicious about the contents of a heavy case which led to the capture of the gang.
The Historic Railroad Depot faces one side of the hotel. Amtrack has offices there and trains still use the tracks, although I’m not sure if they actually stop these days. We had a delicious lunch in Maynards Kitchen which now occupies part of the building before continuing our ramble along the trail.

The historic Fox theatre was one of the last places we visited before heading home.
Have fun, we are!

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