Sunday, 20 February 2011

Patagonia Lake State Park

Earlier this week we took highway 82 to Patagonia Lake State Park, it’s maybe an hour from where we are.

The drive takes you through rolling grasslands into Santa Cruz County, Patagonia Lake State Park is one of the few State parks that Arizona hasn’t closed in an attempt to balance its budget.

Patagonia Lake State Park is 4 miles from the main highway and was established in 1975, it has a campground, boat rentals, a marina and store, fishing, a beach with swimming area, no I didn’t swim I like my pools a lot warmer than the lake! The visitor centre is only open at the weekends, cutbacks I guess, and there is a trail that winds along Sonoita Creek we saw plenty of birders along the trail.

We parked in the day use picnic area and ate lunch by the lake while watching the antics of a large blue heron on an island across the way.

Afterwards we took a stroll along Sonoita creek, the start of the trail is close to the water and reeds.

A northern shoveler, we think!

The trail meanders along following the creek through the trees we gave a very wide birth to a huge bull with equally huge horns dozing in the afternoon sunshine.

Eventually we retraced our steps before taking advantage of a conveniently placed bench bear the trailhead that overlooked the lake.

It was a great day.

Have fun, we are!

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