Saturday, 13 April 2013

Albuquerque Botanical Gardens & Aquarium

After an enjoyable morning visiting Old Town Albuquerque we decided to walk the few blocks down Central Avenue, Old Route 66 and visit the Botanical Gardens & Aquarium.
Some of the Route 66 neon signs along Central Avenue
This one offers ‘European Hospitality’ I'm not exactly sure what is meant by that?

Our first stop was the aquarium, the rays were so cute they reminded me of a ghost in a film that I just can’t remember the name of.

I always enjoy watching the sea horses

The moon jelly fish were really mesmerising I sat watching them for ages.

The aquarium is interesting and has an exhibit on the Rio Grande, what species should be in it and what actually is in it, there was a huge difference. 

In the gardens there were lots of daffodils and spring flowers out, made us feel right at home.
We enjoyed the Heritage Farm area that depicted Farm Life in the early 20th Century.
At the rear of the farm were fields and a barn, the fence was hung with gourds drying in the sunshine. 

Volunteers run a model railway mostly on weekends.

At one end of the lake there is a great metal sculpture of sandhill cranes. 
We took a rest on this beautifully tiled seat near the entrance the only thing was those tiles were cold!
I particularly liked this dragon guarding the entrance to the childrens garden.

As it was only a couple of blocks we walked back to the bus stop in Old Town and caught the bus back to the Alvarado Transit Centre to take the train back to Belen.    

Have fun, we are!

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