Saturday, 18 May 2013

So where were we?

I am so far behind with updating the blog that I had to put my brain into overdrive to remember where I’d got up to. 
After our trip to Old Town Albuquerque and the Botanical Gardens, the following day we again got up at something dark and silly o’clock when it was even colder, 19F!!!  I have absolutely no idea what that is in centigrade, I just know it’s far too cold for us!
This time we took the New Mexico Rail Runner all the way to Santa Fe, we had to change trains in Albuquerque so thankfully we had time for some hot chocolate before boarding the next train.   We enjoyed the train journey as it took us past places we’d never have seen if we were driving, especially as we sat on the upper deck.
We didn’t have anything special planned when we got to Santa Fe, so after we’d taken the free bus to the plaza and more hot chocolate, we decided we’d just mooch. 

Despite the cold, you could see snow on the tops of the mountains, the sun was warm so we found a seat on the plaza and indulged in some people watching.
I bought a lovely bead necklace from a charming Native American lady outside the Governors Palace who very sensibly had plenty of rugs to keep her warm.

Some of the vendors on the square had small gas heaters to keep them warm.

For us taking the New Mexico Rail Runner was a great way to get to Santa Fe as there is absolutely no way we’d’ve driven from Belen to Santa Fe just for a day trip.   On the way we also discovered that Belen is home to the third largest train stockyards in the USA. 

Have fun, we are!

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