Sunday, 28 July 2013

Simply Sanibel

Simply gorgeous Sanibel Island, one of our favourite places, what more can I say.   We’ve always stayed in the same hotel, but this trip we opted for the Seaside Inn, we were glad we did, it was simply lovely.
Our first day was spent on the beach and swimming in the sea, you can see what a tough time we had.

Sanibel is a shellers paradise so our beach shoes would’ve come in really handy, needless to say they were at home, I’d put them in a spot where I couldn’t possibly ‘forget’ them.   Hmmmm!  

All I could say was ‘ouch!’ ‘ouch!’

Storms were forecast, but the next morning I paddled slowly along on the edge of the sea on my way to the lighthouse, admiring the view, never thinking to look behind me.    When I did……………..

believe me my return journey was an awful lot faster!   Once back we sat on the verandah had coffee and read enjoying the still fine weather, then this happened.
How lucky was I not to be caught in the beach on this.   The storm lasted the rest of the day and overnight, but luckily for us the next morning it moved further east and we were back to gorgeous skies, although the sea was still quite rough.

This time as we meandered along to the lighthouse we didn’t need to check the sky, we just enjoyed watching the dolphins swimming alongside us.

Sanibel is one of those places we never want to leave, but sadly there is always that trip back over the causeway.
One last look...........

Have fun, we are!

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