Saturday, 19 April 2014

Looking for Greaterville

When we drove over the Box Canyon road a couple of days earlier we took the right-hand road, the left went to Greaterville.   We had no idea what if anything was at Greaterville, or even if it was an actual place so we decided to find out.
This time when we came to the junction we turned left, somehow I sort of expected that not very far up the road we’d come into a very small community, we didn’t, although there was a ranch on one side of the road.
We continued to follow the road, as we did it got narrower and steeper, we had no detailed map of the area so were following the roads on sat nav, needless to say that didn’t exactly fill me with confidence! 

Eventually we came to a crossroads with a huge parking area and fabulous views over across what I think, is Empire Ranch and the Whetstone Mountains.

DB stopped and I hopped out with my camera, it was pretty windy and absolutely freezing out of the nice warm truck.   I walked over to read what looked like an informational board, but it was blank so that was no help at all. 

Okay so this road goes to Fish Canyon, I’ve seen the name somewhere, but where exactly is it and do we want to actually go there?   Absolutely no idea!

After taking a few photographs and waving to a Border Patrol truck as it whizzed past we decided that as we didn’t exactly now where we were going and it was late afternoon it was probably a good idea to retrace our steps and head back, so that’s what we did.

I still want to know if there's a town/community/village at Greaterville or if it’s just an area, so I need to go buy a proper map for that section. 

Have fun, we are!

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