Friday, 4 September 2015

Gold in the creeks!

On our way to Seward along the Seward Highway we’d passed East Fork and Canyon Creek parking area, but as it was pouring with rain we didn’t stop.   A lovely sunny day on our way back gave us time to have a look around.
In 1890 when gold was discovered near Hope, some miners who’d gone back to the States exaggerated the amount of gold they’d found and triggered a stampede.
Over 3,000 people arrived seeking their fortune, claim jumping was usually settled in meetings and only one miner was ever shot over a disputed claim.
But Canyon Creek produced more gold than anywhere else on the Turnagain Arm and the claims that triggered the stampeded actually ended up being the richest, how weird is that?!

Miners faced a tough slog from Surprise along Sixmile, Canyon, Gulch and East Fork Creeks, definitely not for wimps!

Today it’s a beautiful spot, quiet and peaceful, well it was when we were there, a hiking/biking trail follows the creek along the Seward Highway in and out of the forest for miles.

It’s hard to imagine the difficulties the prospectors faced hauling their packs and equipment through muddy swamps and dense forests as they followed the creeks into the mountains, all chasing their dreams and hoping to make their fortune by finding gold.
Sad to say, even though we looked, we didn't find a single golden nugget lying around anywhere. 

Have fun, we are!

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