Monday, 20 February 2017

Mammoth Lakes

On another day, we took a drive around some of the Lakes.

Millions of years ago volcanic eruptions were followed by several ice ages during which massive glaciers slid down the mountains creating the valleys and lakes.

The lakes are very pretty, our first stop was Lake Mary.

Lake George, although it was a gorgeous day, the water was pretty cold and I don’t think I’d’ve been brave enough to swim.

Our next stop was Horseshoe Lake.

We knew California is in a severe drought, but it was very surreal with all the dead trees. 

Our first thought was that there had been a forest fire, but apparently it’s all down to CO­2.  In 1989 underground earthquake and magma activity caused higher than normal levels of CO2 to escape.

Trees produce CO2 but their roots need to be able to absorb oxygen to survive, the increased COlevels in the soil killed them.   The trees all looked dead and we could see abandoned houses among them.   The informational signs warned against camping or lying down, especially in low places as CO2 is heavier than air. 

Prolonged exposure can cause headaches and flu like symptoms, especially to kids and dogs.    I suppose because they’re much closer to the ground.   Only Horseshoe Lake had the warning signs and dead trees, so I imagine that was the only area affected.  

Our last stop was along the shores of one of the Twin Lakes.

Have fun, we are!

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