Friday, 4 August 2017

Passing through Texas Hill Country

From Galveston, we, thankfully, managed to avoid the snarl up that is Houston, took the ring road around San Antonio and headed to our next stop in Kerrville, Texas.

While our hotel in Kerrville was okay, the first room we were allocated absolutely stank of smoke.   I didn’t realise hotels still had rooms that allowed smoking.   I was glad we only stayed a couple of nights as I could smell smoke the whole time we were there.

But apart from that we had a great time and found a great restaurant called Billy Gene’s overlooking the Guadalupe River.

Guadalupe River.

One of the places we re-visited was Fredericksburg, our first visit was during our first year of RVing.   It’s a nice town and is very proud of its German Heritage; the National War of the Pacific Museum is also very interesting. 


Bandera, self-proclaimed ‘Cowboy Capital of the World’, is also somewhere we’ve visited a couple of times before, it’s a quirky, friendly place.   This trip we found a great new coffee shop.

Dog Leg Café, Bandera.

Have fun, we are!

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