Wednesday, 10 March 2010


On a beautiful sunny morning we took a drive to Fredericksburg, our destination was the Admiral Nimitz Museum and the National Museum of the War in the Pacific. Both incredibly interesting and really well done, each time you visit you’d probably find something you’d missed before.

The Admiral Nimitz Museum was originally the Nimitz hotel and run by the Nimitz family. After the family sold the hotel it was renovated with a ‘mission style façade’ added, it operated as a hotel until the mid 60’s, I think. The facade was eventually restored to its original unique steam boat look but is higher than it was when the Nimitz family owned it.

After our tour of the museums lunch called, we found a fabulous bakery & café called Rather Sweet, the half sandwiches were huge full of fresh ingredients and the bread was baked that morning, delicious. As for the tuxedo cake we shared well, we thought we’d died and gone to heaven, rich chocolate cake filled with homemade gnache and covered in chocolate, it was absolutely scrumptious.

We needed to walk it off, so we headed off down Main Street, if you’re in need of retail therapy this is the place to come, you could wander along quite happily for several days, or do I mean weeks? Not sure, but needless to say I was banned not even the promise to just look worked, ah well!

At the end of Main Street, we visited the Pioneer Museum which again was really interesting one of the exhibits, not the one below, was in its original location.

This store was on Main Street, right opposite the Pioneer Museum, believe me we were tempted, but it was so hot, they’d never have made it back to the truck, really it would’ve been the heat, honest!

Isn't this seat gorgeous, it was outside the candy store and no I didn't go in there either

Have fun, we are!

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