Thursday, 25 March 2010

Sunday, 21 March, Grapevine Hills

Rolling hills covered in soft green vines leading to a cool terrace and a glass of chilled wine. C’mon this is West Texas! Chilled wine in the evening absolutely; but no rolling green hills at least not here in Big Bend.

A 6.5 mile dirt road leads from the park road to Grapevine Hills, there is a small parking area then the road continues for another couple of miles to a camping area and the remains of an old ranch. Unfortunately we didn’t find that out until we got back on the pavement and no way was Mike turning round and going back for me to have a look, can’t imagine why?
It’s an easy trail that follows a sandy wash through the red rock canyon before ending at a ridge where the trail climbs for a short while before ending at balanced rock, through which there are extensive views of the park.

Grapevine Hills is a laccolith, a mushroom shaped intrusion of magma from an ancient eruption and is full of hoodoos and strange shaped rocks, and yes I did read that on the trail information board.
All along the trail the cactus and desert flowers are starting to bloom, some of the yucca’s are just about to come out, the smell is heavenly when they do.
There were also some nests among the cactus, guess if there are no trees you nest where you can!
Have fun, we are!

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