Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Homolovi Ruins State Park

Homolovi Ruins State Park www.azstateparks.com isn’t far from Winslow and has been on our ever lengthening ‘to visit list’ for a while, this year we finally made it.
Arriving at the visitor centre, we were surprised when the ranger on duty told us there were a lot of mosquitos about so to be sure and use bug spray.   Apparently beneath the sand there is a layer of clay which holds the water and makes an ideal breeding ground for the pesky little critters.   Liberally covered in the stuff we followed the road to Homolovi II, we were the only ones there.

Pot sherds of all different sizes and colours are everywhere and much to our surprise the ranger said it was okay to pick them up to look at them as long they were put back.
Homolovi II has an unusual square kiva we’ve never seen one like this before.
Sadly there are also huge holes where illegal pot hunters have dug trying to find pots to sell on the black market.
After spending some time looking around, we drove back to the Tsu Vo Loop Trail, it’s only a short trail and there are some very faint petroglyphs on the rocks.  I could only find these, although that was no surprise as the ranger said they are very feint and difficult to find.
There were also some very large piles of sticks that looked to be some sort of nests, when I checked with the ranger I was told that the trail is closed in spring and autumn as eagles nest there.
Our next stop was Homolovi I which is closer to the Little Colorado River, as we approached we could easily see the river and signs warned of quicksand and fast moving currents.
There are also two sites on the opposite side of the river, but these are only open to the public on ranger guided tours details, more information  and dates are on the park website.
As well as being an interesting place to visit Homolovi Ruins State Park is sacred to the Hopi people and should be treated with respect.
Have fun, we are!

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