Tuesday, 4 September 2012

What a genius!

Who was a genius?  Why whoever invented air conditioning, I really don't know how people survived the summer desert heat without it.   When we left home it was chilly, cool, with grey skies and decidedly wet, when we arrived in Tucson, it was sunshine, blue skies, decidedly hot and we just loved to hear the gentle hum of the air conditioner keeping us cool!
We picked up BT and the Cougar and headed for Lazy Days to check into the campground and have the Cougars annual brake safety check.   The brake safety check takes about 4 hours, so it was late afternoon and about 100F when we were setting up.   It didn’t take long to set up but setting up in that sort of heat isn’t much fun and we were absolutely exhausted by the time we’d finished.
The plan, we always have some sort of plan, was that we’d leave Tucson on Sunday and head to the blessedly cooler climes of Prescott.   Sadly, a package we were expecting before 5.00 p.m. Friday didn’t arrive.   What no-one thought to tell us was that because we placed the order after 3.00 p.m. Eastern time, next day actually meant Monday, not Friday! 
We love Tucson, but in August it is waaaay too hot for us, thankfully our package arrived mid-morning Monday, so we finally escaped the heat on Tuesday.    
Our timing was good and we got through Phoenix around 10ish after the rush hour although even then the temperature was hitting 100F!   When we arrived at The Fairgrounds RV Park in Prescott Valley, it was a nice cool 89F, we never thought we’d think 89F was cool!
Have fun, we are!

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