Friday, 21 February 2014

Return to Dog Town Lake

When we’re staying in Williams, one of our favourite hikes is around Dog Town Lake, on this trip the campground was closed for the winter and despite it being another fabulous day we almost had the place to ourselves.
It’s a lovely hike and part way round you cross the creek, the very first time we did this walk, the lake was very full and the creek was so deep and wide there was absolutely no way we could cross without swimming, so we had to backtrack into the forest for about a half a mile to get round.  This time it was very low so we didn’t have to do that.

Despite the water being low an osprey was busy diving for fish,

I just managed to catch as it flew away after diving into the lake.

Bill Williams Mountain

It was a lovely afternoon and we enjoyed our hike around the lake. 

A few days later we headed back and walked part of the Ponderosa Trail on its way to Davenport Hill, it’s about a 5 mile round trip and is very pretty, I say part as we didn’t walk all the way, but that was down to me. 

Partway along the trail

gorgeous autumn colour

Even though I walk in forests quite happily all the time, I don’t actually much enjoy being surrounded by trees, and, every so often I throw a wobbler (even at home where there is absolutely no possibility of bears or mountain lions hiding behind every tree trunk!) maybe it was because it was soooooo quiet, I don’t know.   So we turned back, but I’m sure we’ll hike that trail on another trip

Have fun, we are!

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