Sunday, 23 February 2014

And then came....................

There was no sign of the Grand Canyon re-opening so we decided that we’d move on, but the weather forecast wasn’t good, high winds were forecast as was snow but for higher ground around Flagstaff, luckily not for Williams.   We don’t like travelling in high winds so we decided to stay a couple more days and let the bad weather pass through.
But, the following day this is what we saw when we woke up.

Quite a few people headed out as the morning wore on, but we were so glad we’d didn't have to and could stay warm and toasty.

After a while we drove into town for breakfast at the Grand Canyon Café, which, as always, was scrumptious.

As the day wore on the snow turned to sleet, then rain, by late afternoon it was almost all gone and there was a glorious sunset.

The next day was gorgeously sunny, but cold, so after breakfast we decided we’d see how much, if any, any snow was left on old Route 66, naturally this included a stop at our favourite deli.

While the road was clear there was still snow in the forest and the views of the San Francisco peaks were simply breathtaking.

We decided we'd had enough snow and cold so we left the next day, of course this just happened to be the day the state of Arizona re-opened the Grand Canyon.   We did think about staying, but the thought of hot sunshine down in the desert won. 

Have fun, we are!

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