Thursday, 20 February 2014

Wonderful Williams!

We arrived at the Grand Canyon Railway RV Park in Williams, Arizona, on a day filled with wall to wall sunshine and clear blue skies.   Fabulous!   Well it should’ve been but it was also the day the US government shut down so all National Parks, including the Grand Canyon were closed.   (Yes, I’m still catching up).   But, not to worry, we thought, there is a public road right through the park.   Wrong!   Everyone else thought the same thing so the road was closed to anyone but residents.   Ah well!
After we got set up and settled in our first trip, one of our favourite drives, was along Old Route 66, at one point we stopped to watch this bird circling overhead, we think it could be a harrier, but………
Naturally we stopped at Parks Deli for coffee and spent a while watching the world go by, Parks is a quiet place, but you’d be surprised just how much world does go by!

Further along we enjoyed fabulous views of the Sanfrancisco Peaks,

before stopping to watch a colony of prairie dogs, they’re very cute to watch, but I don’t envy the people in the nearby houses.

Have fun, we are!

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