Saturday, 1 March 2014

Williams to Wickenburg

It was cold but sunny when we left Williams,
but BT’s heated seats soon made us nice and toasty.   When we got to Ash Fork we’d dropped a couple of thousand feet and were warming up nicely 

tootling along I40

and by the time we dropped down to Kingman the heated seats were most definitely switched off and it was almost time to put the aircon on. 

Along highway 93

We took about 4 hours to drop down to Wickenburg and arrive at Desert Cypress RV Park by the Hassayampa River, where it was sunny and even more importantly warm! 

It’s a lovely small park, very clean with friendly people, the plan was to stay for a week but we were enjoying the area so much we stayed for two.

A pretty pool with a Jacuzzi section at one side has flowers and Joshua trees overlooking it, so after setting up while DB soaked up the sunshine I treated myself to a relaxing dip in the lovely warm water.   Ah bliss!

Have fun, we are!

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