Sunday, 2 March 2014

Lake Pleasant, AZ

On a bright, sunny morning we headed off along highway 60, took a left on highway 74 heading for I17 before turning onto Castle Hot Springs Road.
After paying our $6.00 entrance fee we headed off to Lake Pleasant Visitor Centre.   We chatted to the ranger and then headed off to hike the short Road Runner trail, the views were fabulous.
There is something very relaxing watching a yacht lazily sailing across the blue waters of a lake, but it’s a little surreal when you remember that the lake surrounded by saguaro!

When we were there (October 2013) the lake was quite low, it fills up again with snow melt over the winter and from monsoon rains.

The area was once home to Hohokam Indians and the remains of a small two room dwelling overlook the lake.

There is also a campsite, some of the sites have great views, although I imagine it gets very busy at weekends.

After our short hike we drove over to Scorpion Marina, it’s a steep climb down the steps, but you can take lift.  Needless to say DB thought the walk would do us good.

We had lunch at Dillons floating restaurant, it almost felt like we were in the Florida Keys, mind you there’s not many saguaro down in the Keys! 

Afterwards we headed over to Pipeline Canyon trailhead, the plan had been to hike down partway, but we were so full after lunch we simply chilled out in the shade of a ramada.

Have fun, we are!

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