Thursday, 20 February 2014

Wonderful Williams Part 2!

One of the views we have from the Grand Canyon Railway RV Park is Bill Williams Mountain, we’ve never been to the top so waking up to another gorgeous day we decided, courtesy of our Williams Guide, we’d follow the drive to the top. 

We took Highway 73 out of town and turned right onto FR111, it’s a 7½ mile road that dead ends at the fire lookout at the top.   Even though it’s a one lane fairly good dirt road, there is just about enough space for two trucks to pass very carefully. 

Our first stop was the Finger Rock trail it’s a short easy trail to the viewpoint, with tremendous views. 

As we drove higher we encountered some switchbacks, while we love BT it doesn’t have a great turning circle, so if the switchbacks are a bit sharp it takes a bit of maneuvering to get round.   Sometimes it can be a bit on the scary side, especially if it’s really a high, tight, turn.
We came across some gorgeous autumnal aspens, so of course I jumped out to take photographs, aren’t they beautiful?

After the last steeper, rougher section of road we found the parking area and then walked up to fire lookout tower.

This is one lookout tower you are allowed to climb, the views were amazing. 

Looking down on FR111

West across I40

Sanfrancisco Peaks and Dog Town Lake

negotiating the switchbacks on the way down.

back at the bottom

It’s a great drive with fabulous views and well worth it.

Have fun, we are!

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