Sunday, 18 April 2010

Gammons Gulch

Gammons Gulch is a ghost town movie set, 12 miles north of I10 on Pomerene/Cascabel Road.

The San Pedro river continues its journey north through the valley, farms and homes line the river bank and there is no public river access that we’ve ever found.

The road is a curved paved two lane country highway that winds in and out of dips and over cattle grids eventually it turns into a dirt road through Cascabel and then carries on into Pima County.

Not long before you reach the turn off to Gammons Gulch the road climbs a hill and then widens slightly as it crosses a massive concrete bridge that doesn’t seem to fit a two lane country road. That's because the bridge was built to carry I10 which was originally intended to go up this valley, but Tucson objected and the route was changed.

Gammons Gulch is on the left before the road turns to dirt. The town was and is being built by Jay Gammons and has been used for countless movies, on arrival you get a guided tour, after that you’re free to walk around on your own.

The car, sorry I forget what it is, does start, but I don't think there’s any gas in the pump.

Across the wash there is an old mining district.

This rope was thrown over the tree by a film company, but wouldn't that be a nice view of a hangin’ tree, just what you want to see from your cell window.

The saloon.

This is the bit where you pretend you're a gunslinger heading out of the saloon. The only shots I took were with the camera!

This was our second visit to Gammons Gulch we had a great time and will definitely visit again in the future.

After our visit we headed home and chilled out in the sun. Another great day in Arizona!

Have fun, we are!

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