Sunday, 4 April 2010

Back on the road

Last Monday on a gloriously sunny day, we finally got around to leaving Big Bend.

Our first stop was Van Horn. On the way we drove past the Marfa lights viewing area, Marfa lights are strange phenomenon that appear out of nowhere, no-one knows what causes them and you can't guarantee when they'll appear. Needless to say as it was the middle of the day, we didn't see a thing. We arrived in Van Horn and checked into the KOA, which was very nice. Van Horn is a small town in West Texas and is a crossroads to lots of different places.

After an overnight stop we took I10 through El Paso to Deming, New Mexico. That was interesting as between Van Horn and El Paso we changed time zones and so instead of it being 10:30 a.m. it was 9.30 a.m. so we gained an hour.

It was sunny and hot but quite windy when we arrived at SKP’s in Deming. Because of the time zone change, we arrived at lunchtime and were quite happy to wait but Barbara a very nice lady from the office came over and checked us in we really appreciated that. After setting up we headed off to Wallys World to stock up on fresh stuff.

While we were in Deming we visited Pancho Villa State Park, Columbus, New Mexico, which is the only place in the continental US that has ever been invaded. Pancho Villa’s troops attacked the town in 1916 looting, burning houses and killing people.

Columbus is only a few miles from Palomas, Mexico, lots of Americans take day trips to Palomas, but we decided not to bother.

After a couple of days in Deming, we left and are now in Willcox, Arizona. Another time zone change, Arizona is on Mountain time, but doesn't observe daylight saving, so we've gone back another hour. So now it's light really early in the morning, but is dark by around 7.00 p.m.

The day we left we knew we were driving into wind and it seemed surreal as although I10 was very windy visibility was clear, whereas on either side of us dust storms were howling across the plains. At one point it was so windy we were unsure whether or not we should be driving with the fifth wheel on the back, but there were plenty of other RV’s and trucks on the road, so we carried on. We were certainly glad when we arrived in Willcox though.

We’re spending a few days in Willcox so far we've visited the Rex Allen Musuem and historic district in Willcox and taken a hike (more bears and mountain lions!) in the Chiricahua Mountains.

More details and pictures when I get around to transferring them from the camera. We're just so busy I don't know where the time goes!

Have fun, we are!

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