Monday, 28 November 2011

Do Not Enter When Flooded

Do Not Enter When Flooded is a sign often seen on roads in Arizona, sometimes in places where the road seems, to us, to be perfectly flat.
As we drove around the desert near the Dragoon Mountains, we came to a bridge across a wash that showed just why you don’t want to try crossing what looks like just a few inches of water.

This is the wash, it is still muddy although it hadn’t rained for over a week.

This mud is where the water would surge across the desert

you would be swept under the bridge,

over the concrete drop, and down into the gulley.

We have never encountered a running wash, but after seeing this we won’t ever be tempted to try and cross one.   You really would be lucky to get out of it alive.   So, when the sign says, Do Not Enter When Flooded, it really does mean Do Not Enter When Flooded!

Have fun, we are!

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