Friday, 11 November 2011

Out of the Cooler

At 5,900ft, (which is twice as high as Mount Snowdon one of the UK’s highest mountains) Silver City has been getting colder and colder at night, the water hose has needed to be drained and the furnace has been working overtime in our fifth wheel.   Funny how we never noticed the cold so much in a hotel room?

So despite being in a very nice, friendly campground, Silver City KOA, we decided it was time to leave and head back down to the desert where hopefully once the winter storms to the north of us have passed through it will warm up considerably.

Sunset from our site at the KOA.

Moonrise from the same spot, and yes it was cold!

Gorgeous tiled steps along Broadway in the historic district of Silver City.

More photographs from the historic district.

It's nearly Thanksgiving in the US and we saw him outside one of the shops, isn’t he cute?   I really, really wanted to take him home (although to be honest I don’t know what on earth I’d’ve done with him), but DB assures me that he definitely won’t fit into my suitcase, ah well!

Have fun, we are!

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