Saturday, 12 November 2011

A quiet day around the Chiricahuas

We stayed at Rusty’s RV Ranch,  in Rodeo, New Mexico earlier this year, it’s a lovely place, very quiet with fabulous wide open views.

Early morning over the Chiricahua mountains of Arizona to the west.

The moon rising over the Peloncillo mountains of New Mexico to the east.

Since we were here last Rusty has installed a swim spa which I’m hoping to try out while we’re here.

The plan was to do a short hike along an old mine road all we had to do was find the parking area among the trees. 

We took the narrow, well graded dirt road from Portal, AZ heading towards Paradise, AZ it’s a nice drive following Turkey Creek, but the parking area eluded us.

Instead we arrived at Paradise Cemetery you can’t be buried in Paradise unless you’re actually from Paradise, or so we’re told, it’s a beautiful, peaceful spot.

Driving back we did find the parking area, but by then the idea of a walk had died a natural death so instead we took a slow driving tour, here are some photographs.

Forest Road FR42A

The South Fork of Cave Creek

Leaves in Cave Creek

Have fun, we are!

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