Sunday, 6 November 2011

Meet the wolves

Wolfsong Sanctuary in the forest near Silver City gives refuge to wolf hybrids, nine are “near wolves” that is 94% - 98% wolf and first generation cross.   As they are neither domestic nor wild animals 92% of hybrids meet a tragic death before they are two years old.

When we made an appointment to visit the sanctuary the owner, DeDe Wolf, said she would meet us part way as our truck wouldn’t be able to make it.  Although our truck has 4WD we realised how right she was as the last part of the journey involves driving up the narrow rocky bed of a live creek.
Once inside the sanctuary we were introduced to various animals and invited into an enclosure.   We sat on a blanket on the ground with DeDe and waited.   She explained that the alpha male would decide whether or not we were a threat, if he was happy with us he might allow one or two wolves to come and meet us.

Luckily for us the alpha male, whose name I’m afraid I’ve forgotten, approved us and actually allowed quite a few wolves to come across and meet us.

DeDe had some hotdog pieces as treats and some of the wolves ate them from the toe of DB’s trainer

These wolves were just in the process of catching the piece of hotdog in the bottom of the picture below.

We asked if we could touch the wolves, DeDe said it was unlikely they’d let us, she was right, but if they did to touch them under the chin, not on the back as you would a dog, apparently it is incredibly rude to touch a wolf on its back.  I never knew that.

Our visit with the wolves was magical and we’ll definitely return when we’re next in the area.   There is no charge to visit the sanctuary but donations are accepted.
If you are in the Silver City area Wolfsong Sanctuary is definitely an experience not to be missed.   To make arrangements to visit you should call 575-388-4738.

Have fun, we are!

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