Friday, 4 November 2011

Walking the Catwalk in New Mexico

Mines above Whitewater Canyon were worked from 1889 until 1947.   Because the canyon is rough and narrow, no more than 20ft wide in some places, the mill couldn’t be built any closer to the mines.   A 3 mile long 4” metal pipe provided a continuous water supply.

The remains of the mill walls still exist today.

 Painted rocks mark the entrance to The Catwalk Trail.

A view up Whitewater Canyon from along the trail, which runs for 1.1 miles through the canyon.

 The start of the Catwalk.

 The Catwalk clings to the walls of the canyon.

 in places you can still see the original pipe.

The miners used to walk along the pipe get to the mines high above the canyon and then do a 10 hour shift, boy they must’ve been fit.

Have fun, we are!

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