Monday, 16 April 2012


We left the Hondo Valley moving only about an hour away to Roswell, after settling in to our new campsite, we did what I’m sure everyone does and went to visit the UFO museum.

Even the street lights in that area are alien shaped!

The museum was filled with information about the ‘Roswell’ incident in 1947, things that were found, things that people saw and what happened afterwards.

Apparently, so we discovered, we were actually closer to the site where whatever it was that landed when we were in Carrizozo than we were in Roswell, how weird is that!

I don’t know and I’m not sure whether or not I want to know if such things really do exist, but it was certainly an interesting place to visit.

The Museum and Art Centre by the visitor centre has a replica of Robert Goddard’s rocket workshop

And also his launch pad

Later that same day we visited Bottomless Lakes State Park.   The lakes are collapsed salt and gypsum sinkholes, cowboys trying to find the depth of them tied their lariats together, finding no ‘bottom, they declared them bottomless.   The shallowest is 17 ft deep and the deepest in 90 ft deep.

While this one looks pretty the ‘sand’ around it is very alkaline and would burn you quite badly if you got it onto your skin.

This one is 90ft deep with a swimming beach and you can even learn to scuba dive.

While we were in Roswell we watched some severe thunderstorms lighting up the sky over Lubbock in Texas and although there was the possibility of thunderstorms most days and a severe thunderstorm watch one day, thankfully we escaped the worst of the storm, other areas not so far away weren’t quite so lucky.   One day, Amarillo got 4ft of hail, can you imagine that?

Have fun, we are!

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