Monday, 16 April 2012

White Oaks, New Mexico

A few miles north of Carrizozo lies White Oaks, once a substantial gold mining town but now apart from a few people a ghost town.

Gold and coal were discovered in the 1880’s and the town grew practically overnight, at one time the town had an opera house, stores, saloons, a school, town hall, fire station and even a bank.  Stage coaches arrived daily from San Antonio, Billy The Kid even hung out there in the early 1880’s.

A cold spell and snow had blanketed the mountains surrounding the town in white the day we visited.

The ‘No Scum Allowed’ (isn’t the name wonderful?) saloon is open on weekends.

This building was definitely closed,

The Miners Museum was open, and yes that is snow on the roof.

White Oaks declined after negotiations with the railroad failed, the townspeople wouldn’t give way on their demands thinking that the only way for the railroad to go was through White Oaks.   The railroad said no, walked away and built the track further west sealing the fate of the town.

It’s an interesting place and on weekends and during the summer, the school house museum is usually open as well.

Have fun, we are!


  1. So funny because my friend Marlon just bought the No Scum. Small world, isn't it?

  2. Well I never! To borrow a line from a film, 'of all the places in all the world.......' or something like that!