Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Living Desert State Park, Carlsbad

Just off highway 285 near Carlsbad is the Living Desert State Park, it’s perched high on a ridge and has some great views of Carlsbad

 and the surrounding area.

There is an interesting sculpture near the entrance.

The state park has exhibits of the eco system of the Chihuahuan desert region as well as some of the animals that live in that eco system.

Western Soapberry

Bald Eagle

Unfortunately I couldn’t see anything to tell me the name of the flower on this tree
 or what sort of cactus this was

As it was very hot the morning we visited, most of the animals, were, unlike us, very sensibly sleep in the shade somewhere, with one or two exceptions who were either enjoying their lunch or just snoozing in the sun.


Prairie Dog lunch

It's an interesting state park and even though it was so hot we enjoyed our visit.

Have fun, we are!

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