Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Lazy Sunny Afternoons

Even though they’ve been few and far between this summer we’ve had some gloriously sunny days, on a few of those days we’ve been exploring towpaths far and wide. 
Of course, this entailed driving down some narrow winding country lanes.
Looking back up one of the sets of steps we used to reach the towpath.

This heron danced around just a few feet in front of us for ages, we were amazed at how close we got to it before it flew away.

The bridge supports on either side of the canal are all that remain of one of the many local railway lines that were closed during the 1960’s.

Long term moorings conveniently located close to a pub, which sadly, was closed when we were there.
Old lock keepers cottages, although I assume they're private houses now.
Everywhere we went there were masses of wildflowers.

and best of all it was quiet, very quiet and mostly we had the towpaths to ourselves.
Have fun, we are!

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