Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Two Men and a Dog

One sunny afternoon, DB, a friend and Meg the dog headed off to the pretty little village of Overton-on-Dee (Owrtyn in Welsh).   Overton-on-Dee is a small town not far from Wrexham in North Wales. 
Overton was granted a Royal Charter in 1292 by Edward I. The churchyard of St Mary the Virgin is renowned for its ancient yew trees which are thought to be between 1,500 and 2,000 years old.  They are one of the Seven Wonders of Wales which are celebrated in an anonymous rhyme.
Pistyll Rhaeadr and Wrexham steeple,
Snowdon's mountain without its people,
Overton yew trees, St Winefride wells,
Llangollen bridge, and Gresford bells.
In 1992 Overton celebrated its 700th anniversay with a royal visit from the Queen who planted a new yew tree.
Meg gathered an admiring crowd as they followed the footpath

down to the River Dee where Meg enjoyed herself splashing about in the shallows.
 Their walk took them past the old mill and weir at Erbistock

and continued along the river,

before heading back to the pub in Overton for what they tell me was an excellent pint of Joules before heading home.   The walk was about 6 miles from start to finish.

As for me, where was I while they were off enjoying their walk?  I was busy working!

Have fun, we are!

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