Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Scenic Drive – The Frontier Pathway

Although the days were still mostly warm and sunny, we’d noticed a definite chill in the air on our early morning trips to the showers, but then again it was October and we were in Colorado.
There were a couple of scenic drives we wanted to do, the first of which took us into Westcliffe, along highway 69, The Frontier Pathway.   Taking I25 south at exit 52, we literally followed the road.   On our left the snow-capped Sangre De Cristo Mountains made for spectacular views.
At one point something dashed across the road in front of us, although I couldn’t see it properly, it seemed to be quite small and had a black and white stripy nose.   We think it might’ve been an American badger as they’re much smaller than English badgers.
Several interesting looking roads disappeared towards the mountains, the signs read Mosca and Great Sand Dunes National Park, not on our itinerary today, but who knows, maybe another time.
Grazing buffalo along one section of road looked very photogenic, we stopped, well away from them I hasten to point out, took some photographs and drove on into Westcliffe.
I think this one had its eye on us.

After a nice lunch at the Ranchers Roost Café and a quick stop at the bakery for a blueberry muffin, we once more drove back over the mountains to Colorado City.
As we were driving today, I forget where, we passed a hardware store, this sign made us smile,
it’s definitely not something you’d see outside a hardware store at home!
Have fun, we are!

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