Friday, 23 January 2015

Slight disaster!

I forgot to mention that after we arrived in Colorado City, we had a slight disaster as our water heater suddenly decided to stop working.   Oh joy!

DB thought it was the switch.   But, hey no problem, the water heater should also work on propane.   So, we pressed the switch, nothing, all we got was DSI fault.   What????   Several attempts later we were still getting the same thing, we had no idea what this meant and nothing in our handbook actually told us.   Googling it didn’t help either, lots of information, but nothing that actually said what DSI fault meant.   Eventually, we thought we’d better stop trying in case we were doing irreparable damage to something or other.
We thought about calling a mobile service, but DB preferred to wait until we got back to Lazy Days in Tucson.   For general stuff, we used the kettle, we gave it such a good workout we killed it and had to buy a new one.   Neither of us fancied cold showers, so, for the next few weeks we used the showers wherever we camped.   They were mostly okay, but some surprised me.   By the time we got back to Tucson I wished I’d got shares in a disinfectant wipes company as we went through loads of the things!
DB was right, as when we got to Tucson, Lazy Days confirmed that all we needed was a new switch; that was a huge relief as a new water heater would’ve been very expensive.
As for the DSI fault, that turned out to be something ridiculously simple.   We’d never, ever, used the water heater on propane and there was air in the line, had we tried a few more times, it would probably have worked.   We should’ve thought of that as each time we pick up the Cougar from storage it takes a while for the hob and oven to light for exactly that reason!
Oh well, you live and learn, it was definitely a new experience, although not one I’d like to repeat in a hurry!
Have fun, we are!


  1. Sounds like that worked out so you didn't have to put in a new water heater. Switch is certainly cheaper and an easier fix.

    1. Yes, much cheaper, such a relief. Still, at least we now know what a DSI fault is!