Friday, 6 February 2015

Black Canyon City

Williams was getting chillier by day and night, so we decided it was time to move to somewhere warmer.
On our travels we’ve driven past the signs on I17 for Black Canyon City many times, but never stopped, this time we decided we would.   As we drove out of Williams, it was a beautiful sunny morning, but the temperature was only 47F, when we arrived at Black Canyon Ranch RV Resort a couple of hours later it was 83F.   So we went from heaters to air con in a couple of hours!
Our site at Black Canyon Ranch RV Resort, it would be a bit tight pulling in if the park was full.   Once we’d finished setting up I headed for the pool and hot tub, it was ages since we’d been anywhere I could swim so that was lovely. 

A little while later I took a walk around the park, it’s a nice place, very well maintained and everyone seemed very friendly. 

Driving under I17 we found The Squaw Peak Coffee Shop, where we stopped and enjoyed coffee with a brownie for DB and a warm croissant for me, delicious!

Afterwards we drove back through Black Canyon City and on into Rock Springs where we topped up the diesel.   As well as the gas station, there’s an art studio, a farmers market, and the Rock Springs Café.

There is even a ‘spoof’ Rock Springs cemetery, with some quirky ‘grave stones’.

I particularly liked this one about ‘Cowboy Joe’.

The Farmers market had some lovely salsas and preserves, not to mention garden fresh tomatoes, why do we always find these places near to the end of our trip?
It’s a nice area and there’re things we’d like to go back and see, so I think we’ll be back.
Have fun, we are!

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